The only hat I’ll ever wear (review)

I’ve always been a girl for a hat, but had always struggled with the drying, static-inducing, tangling effect of cotton and wool hats on my delicate natural hair … From the carefully stitched seams to the delicately chosen silk and lambswool fabrics, it’s obvious to me that my Chidora hat was made with care. IContinue reading “The only hat I’ll ever wear (review)”

Stretch your hair for length retention

Keeping your hair stretched is ONE secret to retaining length and achieving that long hair you want. Why stretch your hair? Stretched hair is less likely to tangle with other hair strands and cause itself mechanical damage, tangles, knots, splits etc. Another (more aesthetic rather than practical) benefit of stretched hair is its appearance, onContinue reading “Stretch your hair for length retention”

5 Ways to Retain Length

A lot of people have the misconception that their hair “isn’t growing” or that their “non-mixed genetics predestine” them to poor growth rate- however, these things are untrue…

Some of the real enemies of hair retention include: