“some people can’t grow long hair due to genetics”

Hi lovelies, there’s a common belief that “some people can’t grow long hair due to genetics”. It’s a myth. According to SCIENCE, genetics only affects: 1. The number of hair follicles you have- ie how much volume of hair you have (fullness). The same number of follicles you’re born with is the number you’ll haveContinue reading ““some people can’t grow long hair due to genetics””


Caring for baby curls: bathtime edition

Hi lovelies, and welcome again to Chi’s Kitchen. This is absolutely my favourite topic. I’m a hair specialist, and particularly love curls, kinks and coils. (Not least because I and my children have them 😉). I’m a mum of two (and a bump) and my children tend to be known for their gorgeous curly locksContinue reading “Caring for baby curls: bathtime edition”

FAQs: How do I “soften” my hair?

Welcome to my Kitchen again, lovelies. As some of you may know, I admin a couple of groups on Facebook educating on the science of black hair and caring for it. Sometimes interesting or odd questions come up, but mostly, I get the same questions over and over again from different people (mostly new membersContinue reading “FAQs: How do I “soften” my hair?”

5 things to stop doing NOW to see a huge difference in your hair health.

5 things to stop doing NOW to see a huge difference in your hair health. 1. Combing/Detangling your hair dry (without water or products) Do this instead: Spritz with diluted Aloe Vera juice, use aloe Vera gel (it’s VERY moisturising) or use a detangling Leave-in lotion before detangling. Hair *must not* be soaking wet whenContinue reading “5 things to stop doing NOW to see a huge difference in your hair health.”

The only hat I’ll ever wear (review)

I’ve always been a girl for a hat, but had always struggled with the drying, static-inducing, tangling effect of cotton and wool hats on my delicate natural hair … From the carefully stitched seams to the delicately chosen silk and lambswool fabrics, it’s obvious to me that my Chidora hat was made with care. IContinue reading “The only hat I’ll ever wear (review)”

Stretch your hair for length retention

Keeping your hair stretched is ONE secret to retaining length and achieving that long hair you want. Why stretch your hair? Stretched hair is less likely to tangle with other hair strands and cause itself mechanical damage, tangles, knots, splits etc. Another (more aesthetic rather than practical) benefit of stretched hair is its appearance, onContinue reading “Stretch your hair for length retention”

Secrets of Long Afro Hair

It’s a common, unspoken misconception; the mind’s image of a black woman is oft one with short, tangled, messy hair. Though I won’t get into the historical reasons that this erroneous image became the stereotypical representation in the minds of many- black or otherwise, I’ll start by declaring it now: IT IS NOT the “norm”,Continue reading “Secrets of Long Afro Hair”

5 Ways to Retain Length

A lot of people have the misconception that their hair “isn’t growing” or that their “non-mixed genetics predestine” them to poor growth rate- however, these things are untrue…

Some of the real enemies of hair retention include: