Caring for baby curls: bathtime edition

Hi lovelies, and welcome again to Chi’s Kitchen.

This is absolutely my favourite topic. I’m a hair specialist, and particularly love curls, kinks and coils. (Not least because I and my children have them 😉). I’m a mum of two (and a bump) and my children tend to be known for their gorgeous curly locks and adorable smiles.

If you’re reading this, likelihood is you’re a busy mum too and don’t really have time for fuss. This is why my babies’ hair care almost always coincides with bathtime, and I’ve come up with a time-efficient, fairly fuss-free way to get the job done.

The method below is how I care for my one-year-old’s hair and how I have done since she could sit up in the bath.

You’ll need:

Johnson’s baby “No more tangles” conditioner and shampoo

A muslin cloth


A tangle-teezer brush.


1. At bath-time, wash baby’s hair with the shampoo, rinse, dab with a towel to remove excess water and then apply the conditioner to the hair from ends to roots.

2. Try to bush through it gently against the baby’s scalp or better still if length permits, against an outstretched palm (to prevent catching and tugging). Brush from ends up towards the roots. If you get stuck do not pull, immediately stop and go back to the end and gently work back upwards.

3. Leave the conditioner in the hair whilst you wash the rest of baby’s body and then rinse thoroughly afterwards (I use a sponge around the front to prevent water from going into her eyes).

4. Dab hair dry with a muslin (rather than a towel, to prevent frizz) and perhaps, put into cute little bunches to prevent matting.

This should be enough to moisturise and Detangle baby’s hair for a couple of days. The following bath-time, baby should only need his/her hair dampened, but not fully washed.

If he/she has dryer hair you may need a separate product for after bathtime (a leave-in conditioner).

5. To apply this, after dabbing baby’s hair mostly dry, add on a generous amount of leave-in- enough to dampen baby’s hair slightly, but not wet it all over again.

6. Style hair as desired, and cover with a satin bonnet like this one if baby will allow you.

Neither of my older babies really liked things on their heads, so I resorted to using satin bedding for them.

I hope this has been helpful.

Take care, lovelies.


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