The only hat I’ll ever wear (review)

…is a silk-lined one. 🙂

I’ve always been a girl for a hat, but had always struggled with the drying, static-inducing, tangling effect of cotton and wool hats on my delicate natural hair …

From the carefully stitched seams to the delicately chosen silk and lambswool fabrics, it’s obvious to me that my Chidora hat was made with care. I look good, feel good, and best of all, my hair is protected.

This has been a long time coming, and I am glad to finally pen down my honest thoughts about my first ever hat from Chidora.

I’ve always been a girl for a hat, but had always struggled with the drying, static-inducing, tangling effect of cotton and wool hats on my delicate natural hair. I tried everything, from tying silk scarves underneath, pinned down with bobby pins (which were almost always lost by the end of the day), wig caps (worst idea ever), to finally giving up and just not wearing hats anymore- I was sacrificing too much in terms of hair health for my comfort, and I had to choose.

This was until recently, when I discovered Chidora.

My hat came delicately wrapped in tissue, in light-speed. From order to my door took less than two working days. I believe I had just seen an email from Chika at Chidora letting me know it had been dispatched, when it came through the door.

I ripped open the envelope with excitement- I’d been dying to try on my new hat since I ordered it. I gently unwrapped the tissue, removing the purple Chidora sticker, and immediately put the hat on my head, making a bee-line for the nearest mirror.

I chose a charcoal-grey lambswool beret. This was largely an experimental choice, as I’m more of a bobble-hat and beanie-hat girl than a beret-girl, but I was hoping for casual comfort and style across seasons. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I am still experimenting with styling it but am currently largely favouring wearing it to the side.

The silk feels luxurious to the touch- as you would expect from 100% pure, natural (non-synthetic blend) silk satin. The lambswool is soft and neatly woven, and the colour I chose goes well with almost anything.

This hat is now my go-to, not just because it is silk-lined and protects my hair, significantly reducing moisture loss and mechanical damage, but- can I say it again(?) It goes so well with my casual, Mum-wardrobe, and no matter what I do with my hair, still looks amazing.

Discalimer: but I was sent a hat free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid for this, and am genuinely very happy with my hat. I will be buying more Chidora hats in future, as they are well-worth-it!


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Writer. Bookworm. Teacher. Wife and Mum. Child of God. Natural Hair Obsessionist and science nerd. When I’m not weaving words together, I’m mixing together organic ingredients to create beautiful cosmetics.

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