Secrets of Long Afro Hair

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It’s a common, unspoken misconception; the mind’s image of a black woman is oft one with short, tangled, messy hair.

Though I won’t get into the historical reasons that this erroneous image became the stereotypical representation in the minds of many- black or otherwise, I’ll start by declaring it now: IT IS NOT the “norm”, in fact, I’ll go as far as saying, it is a MYTH that black people can’t grow long hair.

I’ll go even further and say- it isn’t genetics that limit you to having short hair. You don’t have to be mixed, have a bit of “Indian in (you) from (your) great great great grandmother’s uncle’s side” to have long, healthy, beautiful hair.

The truth is, black hair hasn’t been researched or invested in enough, and secrets of our hair care secrets and practices from our origin have been largely lost from our communities. This is particularly true of those living in the western world, and those of newer generations in previously colonised African countries.

NOTE that I specifically said “largely”.

Our secrets aren’t all gone or lost.

I started blogging about natural hair because I want to share what I know, what I’ve been told, things I’ve tested, researched and have learned, with you all.

I want us as a people to get back to holding that power to have healthy long hair in our hands- and I want it to be common knowledge.

With my keen eye for a good recipe, my scientific background and my hair obsession, you can trust that I will bring you informative and useful content that you can really sink your teeth into.

So as you read and watch, be sure to share with someone who needs to know (.



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Writer. Bookworm. Teacher. Wife and Mum. Child of God. Natural Hair Obsessionist and science nerd. When I’m not weaving words together, I’m mixing together organic ingredients to create beautiful cosmetics.

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